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The court will decide whether the 2nd Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to carry concealed firearms outside the home for self-defense.

The number of overall stops conducted by the NYPD reached its peak in 2011, hitting nearly 685,000. That number fell to 9,112 in 2021, a decline of 98.7%. But 29% of all stops were not properly documented.

Although her selection was history-making, Keechant Sewell will face some hefty obstacles.

If the first court-ordered monitor is a guide, it could be a long, tedious process before any real change in how the NYPD handles protests.

The NYPD has been working with the federal monitor this year to improve its investigations.

The study was led by the federal monitor overseeing the NYPD’s court-appointed stop and frisk reforms.

Holmes was previously a staunch defender of the department's stop-and-frisk policy, and called the strategy "a valuable investigative tool when used correctly" on Thursday.

"The NYPD has engaged in a widespread practice of racially discriminatory law enforcement, analogous and in fact identical to the racially discriminatory practice of stop and frisk."

"This is a young man, he has a future ahead of him, he's a good person and we cannot say that he is a criminal, because he's not," Gayle's sister, Tina Reid, said.

Officers later slapped the two individuals they searched with summonses for "disorderly conduct."