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This week's column is prompted by a New Yorker who wants to have a party in the driveway in front of his building.

It's stoop drinking season, and even though de Blasio supported stoop drinking last year, it's still illegal. What gives?!

The Times dived back into stoop drinking this weekend, hitting some familiar notes: Marty Markowitz's infamous "Stoop Talk" appearance, the saga of advocate Kimber VanRy, and the pleasure of using a Paula Deen "S.L.U.T.S." cup.

Were you aware that unless the police officer is able to ascertain the specific brand of alcohol you're drinking, your ticket is likely to be tossed? Call it The Brand Loophole or Freedom, it's true.

We can only assume the consumption of alcohol on our city's stoops is the #1 cause of violent crime in NYC, because the NYPD is all over it.

Markowitz with Brooklyn native Spike Lee (who now lives on the

Like "everyman" Kimber VanRy before him, Marty Markowitz is standing up

Kimber VanRy's name will surely go down in Brownstone Brooklyn history.

Last year Brooklyn's Kimber VanRy was savoring a Sierra Nevada on