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A wide array of leaders from the nonprofit and business sectors say the city isn’t making the best use of billions of dollars in stimulus aid in the upcoming budget.

For some, an extra $1,400 will help pay for needed expenses but others plan to bank as much as they can.

Trump wants stimulus checks to be increased from $600 to $2,000.

"Four billion dollars is decidedly better than no billion dollars. That being said, $4 billion is not going to answer all of the MTA’s fiscal problems."

"You want to bankrupt New York now in the middle of this pandemic, when the number are spiking, when we're just about to start this ambitious vaccination program?"

"The RESTAURANTS Act was the great hope that it would give restaurants a fighting chance of survival."

At a virtual town hall for parents on Tuesday, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said the financial situation was dire.

"They almost had to go out of their way to exclude immigrant families and mixed status families."

The bridges that carry tired, worn down Americans are themselves tired and worn down.