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With a double cheeseburger and draft pint deal like this one, you should visit this East Williamsburg bar every weekday night.

Seven years later and it's still one of the city's best steakhouses that's not a steakhouse.

Need some comfort food? Get yourself a heaping plate of curry goat, fried plantains, pumpkin and rice and peas from Gloria's. OH and get a double.

Sottocasa continues to serve up a mean pie in one of the most pleasant pizza place atmospheres you'll find in the city.

Four years later, this funky little Nolita Thai spot is still going strong.

Green sauce. That. Green. Sauce.

Best Pizza's white slice is so good, you might start having dreams about it.

Saiguette's pho is great, but their banh mi sandwiches are even better.

Things are changing rapidly in the city, but you can still get a delicious and messy roast beef at Brennan & Carr.