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The MTA put down mats so people don't block the subway doors, and as literally anyone could have guessed: New Yorkers DGAF.

The marriage of vigilantism and entrepreneurialism is beautiful indeed.

A rapper and graphic designer has taken it upon himself to place stickers—comparing the NYPD with the KKK and Nazis—around NYC over the last couple months.

Remember: get your "I Voted" stickers, and take your "Voting Selfies."

Several people have written us to confirm that the car plastered with a ridiculous amount of offensive bumper stickers is real.

A prankster has turned at least one subway stop into a dark fetishist nightmare with BDSM stickers.

Want to see 6,000 stickers? Just press play... or show up at the preview for The Stickers Stuck-Up Tour tonight!

Photo by Vivi This just in: the FML station stop lives

Photo by The Real Janelle Stained glass, mosaics, tiled penguins... there's