Steven kasher gallery

'Nobody had ever come close to depicting what Fred did, and any future bohemian chronicle is bound to be shot differently from the way Fred did it.'
Steven Kasher Gallery will feature some wonderful photos of the doughy, fresh-faced kid from Duluth, Minnesota who had just set himself up in NYC.
Photographer Meryl Meisler photographed all over NYC in the 1970s, from CBGB to Studio 54 to the streets of Bushwick.
The news daily helped to create photojournalism as we know it today.
Here's a preview of the old National Geographic photos that will be on display through February at the Steven Kasher Gallery.
In two exhibitions soon to open in the city—"Artists at Max’s Kansas
With Factory photographer Billy Name's negatives gone missing, it might be nice
These may all be familiar sights, but you've probably never seen them
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