Steve ercolino

"There’s a family behind [this], grieving and dying for one of their own right now."
The Daily News says that he was not being evicted but was merely asked to temporarily relocate.
“My life will never be the same without my baby, my protector, my best friend, my everything,” she wrote on Facebook. “It will be hard to face every day without him by my side."
"This was the final straw that pushed him over the edge," a police source said. "He was blaming the victim for being out of work, having no money and now having no apartment."
“My son was a loving son, a great son, and a great uncle, and we are grieving very badly,” victim Steve Ercolino's father, Frank, said.
A federal judge had dismissed Matthews' lawsuit earlier this year.
Johnson appears to fire and then pedestrians and police officers dodge out of the way.
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