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Get out the popcorn—Cuozzo's yelling at clouds again!

It also doesn't appear that the Most Controversial Bike Share Program of Our Time has been much of a financial windfall for the city

Cuozzo's main point is that cycling is "scary," and that Citi Bike's interface "is as bug-ridden as you've heard and worse." Zzzzzzzzzz.

This particular column is so lazy, so easily disproven that we can't help but wonder if it's time for the Post's editors to send Cuozzo packing to the Levittown bureau.

Would you believe that by allowing pedestrians and cyclists more room to safely navigate New York's streets away from the screeching metal boxes that belch dinosaur guts into our lungs, local businesses thrive?

"Vanilla panna cotta that failed to set arrived near-liquid. Espresso duck-egg creme brulee with raspberries was as grim as it sounded."

An East Village "water cafe" called Molecule is now open for business, selling filtered tap water to H20 connoisseurs.

"This is the Yale Club," she said. "It’s famous for being on Vanderbilt Avenue." If cars could no longer drop off or pick up members, she said, "That would kill them."

Manhattan has roughly 1.6 million residents, and the island's capacity swells to 4 million during the week, counting commuters and tourists.