Steve bannon

Silver, the former powerful NY Assembly Speaker, is serving a sentence for corruption.
Bannon and three others are accused of coming up with a scheme that involved creating a non-profit and shell company in order to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars from the "We Build A Wall" crowdfunding campaign to their own pockets.
The backlash was swift and effective.
When Scaramucci pointed out Trump did denounce racism, Colbert said, "Two days later. Does he order his spine on Amazon Prime? Why did it take so long?"
"Steve Bannon is the closest thing to an American fascist I’ve ever seen."
Executive Order: Everything negative about President Bannon is fake.
Alec Baldwin returned to the cold open as President Trump, too.
Bannon's film envisions a dark future where America is a run by the whims of religious leaders, but the wrong kind of religious leaders.
Drown your sorrows in Seinfeld for a good cause.
Dozens of disgusted anti-Bannon, anti-Trump demonstrators took a detour on their way to the Dark Tower to show their support for Hamilton's cast .
Three different groups of protesters marched to Trump Tower today to denounce Trump's policies and cabinet appointments.
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