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"The whole thing is totally wrong. It’s such a fabrication, I’m not losing any sleep over it, that’s for sure," Manning said.

Even worse, if the Mets do end up making the playoffs, he will be ineligible to play.

Apparently the clinic's owner is making a deal with the MLB.

Why should Mike Piazza have to suffer for Roger Clemens' alleged sins?

Officer Michael Marino The high-ranking NYPD cop who was caught abusing

Cy Young Award-winning former Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens pleaded not guilty

Cy Young Award- and World Series-winning pitcher Roger Clemens was indicted for

One person was reportedly exposed to a suspicious white powder after

The NYPD has issued a memo forbidding its officers from using

John Lea (left), Justin Waller The unwelcome houseguest accused of stabbing