Stephen sakai

Stephen Sakai, who was convicted of shooting four Chelsea clubgoers, killing one,
Stephen Sakai, the bouncer on trial for shooting four clubgoers, killing one,
Stephen Sakai was sentenced to 50 years to life after his conviction
Stephen Sakai, the bouncer who went on a shooting rampage in front
In May of 2006, a bouncer at Opus West 22nd Street was
They say New York is home to a million stories, and so
Is it just us or does there seem to be more club-related
Back in May, a fight between a Chelsea bouncer and patrons turned
As the city examines how to regulate bouncers, the NYPD revealed that
There's a rather wild NY Times article about how the Sunset Park
Stephen Sakai, the bouncer for Chelsea club Opus 22 who witnesses say
Bouncer Stephen Sakai, who killed one patron and shot three others outside
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