Stephen king

Based on the Stephen King novel that put clowns out of business, the story follows a group of youngsters battling an ancient, alien evil that's murdering and feeding off children.
Ka is a wheel...and it's rolling its way through different set locations in NYC.
Franco set to Franco up Franco-produced Hulu series based on 11/22/63.
Almost a quarter-century after she first bombed on Broadway, Carrie White has crawled out from her grave to sing again—just like in the movie! Here's how she went from a famous flop to off-Broadway revamp.
Andre Lineaux admitted to police that he repeatedly beat Kim Chong, 74, with the nail-studded wooden plank. And he says that it was an hommage to a Stephen King novel, "Storm Of The Century."
24 years after it opened and closed in three nights the infamous flop Carrie, based on the book by Stephen King, is getting an Off Broadway revival.
The holiday-time movie releases are starting to pile up with their
Today many will gather at Strawberry Fields in Central Park to hold
Reading is a necessary part of many airplane trips. And books haven't
Thanks to Product Shop NYC (who also reports that the New Year's
An editorial in today’s Times reminds us that prison isn’t just a
For a while now Music For America has been providing us
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