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“We used to be the coolest place on the globe," Adams told Colbert. "We’re so damn boring now."

“I am proud to say, I am absolutely proud to say, that we are the first show back up on Broadway,” Colbert said during last night's monologue. "Suck it 'Lion King'!"

Just as the shutdowns of the shows last spring were markers of the state of the city, so too is their return.

Fallon has found his groove during quarantine, Colbert interviews Bernie Sanders, Conan interviews Colbert, and more late night clips worth watching.

“It’s okay, these feelings are perfectly natural. Many Americans experience moments of being at least Andrew-curious, if not fully Cuomo-sexual."

Dr. Fauci had particularly pointed advice for younger people who have been cavalier about the spread of the virus.

"If there's one good thing that might come out of this crisis, I think it's that in this seemingly divided nation, people are doing their best to protect the country's collective well-being."

“When Trump said we were going to be sick of winning, I didn’t think he meant it literally.”

Colbert's show last night before a mostly empty audience was a little unsettling and a lot of silly, and both reflected the nation's mood and helped lighten it, if only for a few minutes.