Vegetarians can be accommodated, but are asked to please wear a green hat "at least during order."
The historic space first opened as a restaurant in 1928 but has been vacant for the past six years.
The restaurant will offer both the experience of Korean barbecue with prime cuts of beef and some steakhouse and Korean staples on the menu.
A summer pop-up from two Balthazar and Minetta Tavern alums brings the classic American steakhouse menu to the inventive dining and performance space.
Seven years later and it's still one of the city's best steakhouses that's not a steakhouse.
There are no chairs but plenty of beef.
The former speakeasy is leaving for fancy new digs nearby.
We've heard the cut referred to as candy before but...
Just what the neighborhood needed.
No less than four notable figures were present on a recent evening; the bone-in filet was pretty notable as well.
Long Island City has a new steakhouse to call its own.
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