Statue of liberty

A new statue in Morningside Park shows the iconic Statue of Liberty in repose.
As part of our monthlong Dear NYC series, we're looking at New York City gems hidden away at the New York Public Library.
'Tourists and visitors [and Alec Baldwin] have been taken for a ride, and it’s unacceptable,' the mayor said.
The 240-foot Hasna, currently owned by an Australian multi-millionaire who's actively looking to sell, is only the latest of its invasive superyacht species to darken Lady Liberty's doorstep.
NY Waterway will revoke licenses from boat operators who work with street sellers slinging scammy Statue of Liberty "tours."
Welcome to Gothamist Reviews, in which a many-year resident of our illustrious city voluntarily visits famed tourist destinations she has purposefully avoided all this time, for journalism and for kicks.
Liberty Island is getting a new attraction this week when the Statue of Liberty Museum, a 26,000-square-foot exhibition space built to celebrate Lady Liberty's history and influence, opens on May 16th.
Okoumou was charged with three misdemeanors for protesting the Trump Administration's separation of families at the border.
Patricia Okoumou faces 18 months in jail for climbing the Statue of Liberty last July 4.
A judge ruled that Therese Patricia Okoumou be monitored at home until her March 19 sentencing.
Therese Patricia Okoumou has been found guilty on three federal misdemeanor charges.
At least one person was injured and Liberty Island was evacuated this morning after a propane tank fire broke out.
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