The statue has been installed in from the Museum since 1940, and has been the site of protests for decades.
The Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to keep the statue in front of the New York Stock Exchange for three more years, however, the future of Fearless Girl is in question as the artist tries to wrangle her work from State Street Global Advisors.
For years, The Equestrian Statue — which features African and Native American figures appearing "to hold subservient positions" to Roosevelt — has been been the site of protests.
After a decades-long battle, the statue will be removed from the City Hall council chambers.
The Public Design Commission voted to remove the Thomas Jefferson statue from City Hall, but now there's some debate about where it will end up.
A vote will take place on October 18th on whether or not to remove the statue of the former president and slave owner, which has been in City Hall for centuries.
Someone splattered paint on the sculpture on Sunday morning around 10 a.m., the third day the sculpture was on display in Union Square.
95 years ago this week, Balto the epidemic-ending dog was honored in Central Park.
She stands 7-feet-tall, head in her hand and gaze affixed on the New York County Criminal Courthouse.
A commission will select an artist and location.
This is the artist's first work of public art and his first major piece since his portrait of President Obama.
Therese Patricia Okoumou has been found guilty on three federal misdemeanor charges.
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