We looked at testing rates across the state and found disparities between different counties.
Just who are the 327,793 municipal employees that help our city run?
Of course, there are a number of interesting Citi Bike stats the government left out of its sexy report...
Click through to find out what kinds of porn your fellow New Yorkers prefer without needing to take a terrifying peek into their browser history.
There was an 86% decline in murder, a 48% decline in larceny, a 44% decline in rape, a 31% decline in assault, a 30% decline in robbery and a 24% decline in grand larceny auto!
We may not have won in our 2012 Olympic bid, but we still beat London in terms of tourism.
The Post found the "cycle of violence" has produced three deaths and 755 injuries in the first three months of 2012. They also mention there were 10,297 people who died in cars during that same period.
The MTA has dropped a bucket of ridership data on us this morning and its a statistician's wet dream.
The U.S. Census may have rejected New York City's challenge to their 2010 count of our population, but at least they acknowledge we're still a growing city.
Some knew that Lin was going to be a star—including a "Moneyball" statistician who went against other basketball experts to declare: "Lin is a good enough player to start in the NBA and possibly star."
Considering all the news of trucks killing defenseless cyclists, rogue racing bicycles knocking down poor grannies, and pedestrians dying crossing the street, the latest stat out of the NYPD is actually pretty surprising.
According to the National Retail Foundation $52 billion dollars were spent in that period. And, if the NYC Economic Development Corporation is correct, a whole lot of that cash was spent here in town.
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