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There have been a whopping 17,000 summons issued for fare evasion so far this year.

Traffic patterns on the Port Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Authority bridges and tunnels around the city give us a sense of how NYC is gradually recovering from COVID-19.

Some neighborhoods, including Williamsburg, Boro Park, Bedford Stuyvesant, Astoria, Jamaica, and Washington Heights, saw increases of more than 1300% year-over-year.

4,000 coronavirus patients in NYC are on ventilators, the mayor said on Sunday.

These charts show the growth of COVID-19 in New York City and the tri-state area.

The report spotlights a dozen neighborhoods where pedestrians and cyclists are three times more likely to be injured or killed in a crash.

New York City's crime rate hit a record low in 2016, continuing a decades-long drop that has made it the safest big city in the United States.

The city may see its first year with fewer than 1000 incidents since the NYPD starting keeping track.

Investigators found no correlation between the rate of misdemeanor summonses and arrests, and that of felony crime.