Staten island da

"Facial recognition technology, especially Clearview AI, poses a direct threat to New Yorkers’ basic privacy and civil rights,” public defender Diane Akerman said.
“I don’t know what could be a clearer miscarriage of justice."
A new analysis revealed that the two partners have stopped 'an extraordinarily high percentage of people of color in relation to the community they serve.'
'It's really brazen and unbelievable, but it happens right there in front of you.'
Dayshen McKenzie died from an asthma attack after being chased by a group yelling racist slurs at him.
Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez will not face any criminal charges related to the numerous allegations of sexual harassment that arose from his office.
The city's newest hire is a two-year-old, 74 pound, Black Labrador/Golden Retriever mix named Bronksey and he's adorable.
The Staten Island DA's office said it is investigating who posted the videos online.
It's Election Day 2011—is there something you can vote on today?
The Domestic Violence GPS Initiative will start outfitting serial abusers with GPS units that will text their victims when they get close—and the abusers will have to foot the bill.
Four of the guns surrendered yesterday were loaded.
A 16-year-old Staten Island girl faces up to a year in jail
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