Staten island

The next two city sites under development are located in Staten Island along the Arthur Kill and are part of a larger plan to develop an offshore wind supply chain network in New York City.
Shannon Cocozza was making a left turn when she struck a one-year-old and the baby's mother.
Gothamist reporters fanned out across all five boroughs to hear what city residents had to say about Adams and his job performance ahead of his 100th day as mayor.
The group known as Unrig Our Economy NYC will officially announce its launch on Friday.
The election will be held in person between March 25 and 30th, according to union organizers.
Applications are open across all five boroughs.
The two SNL stars went in on a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry and the mayor is pretty excited about it.
The boat has been retired and auctioned off after decades of shuttling people across the harbor.
WNYC/Gothamist fanned across the city for thoughts on de Blasio's successes and failures.
From a 250-foot-long barge moored in Raritan Bay, workers are placing more than 1,100 stone-filled mattresses into the water. They will double as an important habitat for marine species.
The district attorney’s decision marks a sharp reversal for the office, which had for months sought to preserve the conviction.
State lawmakers are pushing the Challenging Wrongful Convictions Act, to help vacate convictions based on new or suppressed evidence.
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