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The "Long Island Audit" is part of a growing movement of so-called constitutional activists who test whether officials will allow them to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Jamoure Harrell succumbed to his injuries on Monday, three days after being shot in a playground in an incident now deemed a homicide.

Ming Chen, 71, is accused of murdering 62-year-old Xiao-Qiong Jing at their Bay Terrace home.

Police shot at a 29-year-old man with a gun on Staten Island Sunday afternoon, marking the fourth time officers opened fire on a suspect in as many days.

The union called on the U.S. Coast Guard to investigate what they described as an "unfortunate deterioration of safety culture" within the ferry system.

The boys – believed to be around 12 years old – crawled into a 40-inch opening near the Staten Island Zoo.

Police on Staten Island, who have yet to identify the assailant, are now scrambling to locate the victim’s daughter, who is now 33.

Police say a German Shepherd lunged at the officer, biting him on the hand and leg.

22 firefighters were injured in all, and one of the buildings collapsed.