State supreme court

A ruling by the state Supreme Court will free the officer's killer after repeated denials of parole.
The incident in December immediately raised concerns about building safety, an issue that has over the years dogged New York City.
After a bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage was voted
A state judge has again ordered Mayor Bloomberg to follow the
Photograph by Phil Ritz on Flickr Last month, an out-of-control car
Photograph above and gallery by Phil Ritz on Flickr Police have
Above image from WNBC, below image from WABC An out-of-control car
Two lawsuits currently wending their way through New York courts are forcing
Today marks the third annual Informal Presentation on the Art of Dance,
The fight over the right for school children to bear cell phones
After almost a week of delays, jurors were back in court for
A 38-year-old construction worker from Brooklyn is suing New York Presbyterian Hospital
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