State senate

The former city comptroller and mayoral candidate may run for state Senate
If there was an equilibrium in New York politics, it's been put asunder.
A growing number of advocates are calling for action before the end of the legislative session but the path through the legislature is unclear.
The Senate approved a measure requiring an automatic shutoff feature for any electric space heaters sold in the state.
The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program would direct $50 million in state money to the Department of Health, which would then provide grants to abortion providers.
The decision is a major setback for Democrats that could potentially sway the balance of power in Congress
Now it will be up to New York’s top court to issue a final decision as Democrats appeal. The decision could sway the balance of power in Congress.
The chair of the Senate finance committee suggested that watering down the bail reform laws of 2019 was not the way to tamp down a recent uptick in violent crime.
During a Tuesday hearing, elections officials cited “burdens” of reforms, as lawmakers eye more changes.
The new moratorium will potentially protect hundreds of thousands of tenants from eviction, while granting landlords broader power to challenge tenants who they doubt are suffering financial hardship.
New York lawmakers passed a bill Thursday criminalizing the falsification of vaccine records under state law.
With at least 42 Democrats guaranteed to serve in the State Senate in January, lawmakers will have a veto-proof, two-thirds majority in both chambers for the very first time in New York's history.
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