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A handful of candidates supported by Mayor Eric Adams were rejected by voters.

So far, seven PACs have combined to spend more than $1.6 million on Democratic Senate primaries.

Early turnout numbers are promising in the city's competitive primaries.

As the August 23rd primary gets closer, the rival candidates are battling a common opponent: sweltering weather.

State Sen. Kevin Parker's support for charter schools has won him the support of billionaires.

Nearly 800 bills now await Gov. Hochul’s signature after lawmakers neared the end of their annual session early Friday morning.

Mayor Adams says he doesn't like the deal, which would involve more parents in the Panel for Education Policy and eventually trim lower-grade classrooms to 20 students.

The former city comptroller and mayoral candidate may run for state Senate

If there was an equilibrium in New York politics, it's been put asunder.