State prison

Mid-Orange Correctional Facility, which once counted people locked up on drug offenses among its inmates, has now become populated by cannabis companies promising to vitalize economic activity in the area.
The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision says the stoppage was caused by the pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
Staff at New York jails and prisons are taking the COVID-19 vaccines at less than half the rate of other congregate settings and the general population.
Judge Alison Y. Tuitt’s decision came after the governor had repeatedly broadened vaccine access to the general public without making parallel moves for prison populations.
“There are people in New York who’ve been in solitary for fifteen, twenty, even thirty years."
Cuomo has granted two commutations in January and another three in June, a number that advocates decried as “outrageous,” particularly in the midst of a pandemic.
A state directive sent about the use of the drug tests suggests that officials knew their practices were not based on the highest possible scientific standards.
“These facilities can really be hot zones for the spread of the coronavirus."
They're hoping to turn this into a class action lawsuit for all current and future inmates of the three facilities named.
He has spent 11 1/2 of the last 13 years in prison for robbery.
The bloody Attica prison uprising is 40 years old today.
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