State police

Social justice, Black Lives Matter advocates question whether Democrats know any other tools for crimefighting
The change, decried by civil libertarians as "genetic stop-and-frisk," is set to go into effect early this fall.
Police believe he was waiting for a tow truck.
Officers arrested nine people and found $350,000.
He's "pursuing other opportunities."
Juan Carlos called an Uber for a 300-mile trip, took over when the driver got tired, and then led police on a high-speed chase through upstate New York.
They arrested two men after a stakeout.
“Simply put, signing this bill righted a wrong.”
The father didn't realize he killed his son until the state police contacted him.
Police are investigating the couple that jumped off the Tappan Zee Bridge—the woman died and the man was critically injured—and whether it was a suicide attempt.
Yesterday, Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo announced that former NYPD chief Joseph D'Amico
Pedro Perez Pedro Perez, the acting superintendent of the NY State
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