State of the state

The New York governor laid out more than 220 policy proposals and initiatives, but some pressing issues were noticeably absent.
Hochul delivered her first State of the State address on Wednesday, vowing to enact policies that she hopes will help restore New Yorkers’ trust in their government.
"We cannot wait until summer to turn the lights back on," Cuomo said on the second day of his week-long State of the State address.
“We know what we must do and we will do it. We will win the covert war and we will learn and grow from the experience.”
'Progressive government does not raise hopes and dash them on the rocks of reality,' he added.
"The time for talking is over," Cuomo said during his 2019 State of the State and executive budget address on Tuesday. "It is the time for doing."
"That's all very calculated... to pitch to a constituency that's going to help elect him president," one Cuomo critic maintains.
De Blasio seems not to have been thoroughly briefed on the governor's budget.
He accused the Governor of being a hypocrite who could do more to help NYC's homeless.
The provision may be too narrow to help patients who need cannabis to live normal, productive lives.
If Governor Cuomo has his way anyone convicted of a crime in New York, no matter how minor, will have to submit their DNA to a statewide database.
Would Cuomo's plan for a giant new convention center out in Jamaica Queens save New York from ruin? You may want to look at how other convention centers are doing across the country.
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