State of emergency

The emergency declaration aims to empower the city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection to crack down on sellers that are price gouging the hard-to-find infant formula.
Unrelated to the pandemic, Governor Cuomo has been renewing an executive order that allows the MTA to bypass legal and oversight requirements. Government watchdogs say it’s time to stop.
Last March, the state legislature granted special new powers to Governor Andrew Cuomo to fight a pandemic that would soon kill hundreds of New Yorkers every day.
'The governor's never-ending MTA disaster declaration is an abuse of emergency powers,' said John Kaehny, Executive Director of Reinvent Albany.
The Governor said Thursday that he will sign an executive order declaring said state of emergency.
People drove through the storm, but none were arrested for it.
Take that, de Blasio: Cuomo, 'New Yorkers should stay off of the roads and remain in their homes until the worst of the storm has passed.'
With snowstorm after snowstorm beating down on Planet Hothhattan, authorities say they've used 346,112 tons of salt thus far this winter.
Roads remain dangerous as New York City runs low on salt.
Cuomo declared a state of emergency for NY, the MTA may briefly suspend service later, but first let's hear some terrible jokes! "You've heard of 'Finding Nemo'," Cuomo said. "It seems that Nemo found us."
Cuomo said, "I thank the President for his quick response to my request for a federal emergency declaration which will apply to the entire State of New York."
"Due to the impending storm, the Governor’s conference on Emergency Preparedness scheduled for October 29-30 in Albany is being postponed."
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