State budget

An infusion of federal funds has bolstered the state's coffers, but it's not going to last
Gov. Kathy Hochul and state lawmakers fast-tracked the process, but casinos are still likely more than a year away.
New state law requires the order of a “substantial food order” with any to-go cocktails.
Legislative Democrats are willing to roll the dice on NYC-area casinos, but only with local input.
State lawmakers are expected to decide by midnight tonight whether to spend $250 million to create a rent assistance program backed by both landlords and tenant advocates, but opposed by fiscal conservatives.
The much-maligned tax break for developers is due to expire June 15. Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to tweak and extend it in the state budget due this week.
The chair of the Senate finance committee suggested that watering down the bail reform laws of 2019 was not the way to tamp down a recent uptick in violent crime.
It is one of many victories progressives have claimed in the $212 billion budget for fiscal year 2022.
The $800 million will go to small businesses that are still limping along in the pandemic, despite federal stimulus grants.
Federal stimulus money could be transformative for New York City’s public school system. But it’s not clear exactly how much money is coming or when.
The governor's budget maneuvering comes after the state legislature proposed a raft of new taxes on corporations and the wealthiest New Yorkers to raise $7 billion in new revenue.
“We are receiving significant federal funding, but we must also ask those who can do more to step up and help," Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said.
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