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Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs is the first formerly incarcerated state legislator.

Mayor Adams says he doesn't like the deal, which would involve more parents in the Panel for Education Policy and eventually trim lower-grade classrooms to 20 students.

A growing number of advocates are calling for action before the end of the legislative session but the path through the legislature is unclear.

The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program would direct $50 million in state money to the Department of Health, which would then provide grants to abortion providers.

The newest revelations are related to Cuomo’s use of state resources during the writing and promotion of his book, American Crisis.

New York lawmakers passed a bill Thursday criminalizing the falsification of vaccine records under state law.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Ron Kim both have the virus, the lawmakers said Tuesday.

The longtime legislative director to Brooklyn Assemblyman Peter Abbate, who's also reportedly connected to the Hells Angels, was charged this weekend with sexually abusing a teenager, after police and FBI agents raided the man's house in search of explosives.

"I have been fighting for years to pass this 50-A bill, and for years the police unions have been blocking the legislation, telling [lawmakers] that it was wrong, that it's gonna put officers at risk, which we know is not true."

The top Republican in the New York State Assembly will step down from his leadership position—but will not resign his seat—following his arrest for drunk driving on New Year's Eve.