An investigation into the life cycle of 30 Rock's crown jewel.
"This story to me has been the greatest thing that’s ever happened in my life, because it made me as a 47-year-old guy at the time believe in miracles."
"She suffered a significant degree of hearing loss, but her hearing is coming back and the vision in her right eye also seems to be improving."
The dog shot by an NYPD officer in the East Village is doing okay! Here are the first photos of her since the shooting, recovering comfortably with Animal Care & Control.
"[The police] were telling people standing around to get back, but a lady was standing behind the passed-out guy got a little too close, so the dog nips at her."
Violet Blue's Flickr Judging by her photo in the Daily News,
If there's ever a motion picture produced about the life of
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