Stanley kubrick

In anticipation of the exhibit, MoMI will also present 70mm screenings of the film as part of its annual See It Big! 70mm screening series.
See more of Kubrick's early photos of the city.
Stanley Kubrick was just a teenager when he documented his native New York City on film.
The movie also features scenes inside the original Penn Station.
The subway platforms in the 1940s had plenty of PDA, as well as chewing gum machines.
After spending time photographing New York with Weegee, director Stanley Kubrick admired his garish, gritty style invited him on the set to take a few photos.
14 photos of 1940s NYC from Stanley Kubrick's camera.
Residents of a historic Flatbush neighborhood are fighting to remove two 20-foot fiberglass poles installed by Verizon that are drawing comparisons to the Kubrick classic.
It's Only A Movie: Horror Films From the 1970s and Today Museum
After last week's huge box office take for X-Men, you know that
Ah January. That lovely first month of the year which big Hollywood
Ah, the ongoing fight between stores that sell adult materials and the
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