Standardized testing

Some teachers pointed to math assessments with 20-25 problems in small font squeezed onto a single page that elementary schoolers are supposed to complete within three minutes or less.
States can decide how and when those tests happen.
John Oliver gave America another bracing burst of enlightening laughs/tears last night in a segment excoriating the nation's explosion of standardized testing.
The comedian also blasted Common Core apologists on Twitter.
Pearson, the testing company responsible for creating the exam, says they accidentally downgraded test percentiles.
Seniors at Midwood High School say they were turned away from the test because of their faded school IDs.
The wisest animal? DEFINITELY the owl, there's no contest!
Even when failing a test—with a score of 55%—still meant passing, 44% of New York City high school students still managed to flunk the Global History Regents exam last year.
During summer school from July through September, four students each day are arrested, and 94% of them are black or Latino, and 83% are male.
In order to keep its federal "Race To The Top" funding the Department of Education wants to add a bunch of standardized tests to students already full load... to better grade teachers.
Public school children across the state between grades four and eight showed
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