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Police have arrested a Brooklyn man who allegedly raped a woman at the Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District early Sunday morning.

"He said, 'Don't act stupid with me, ladies. You know what you're doing. Stop soliciting in here. We were like, 'Soliciting what?'"

Named for a type of dairy cow, the pastorally-focused eatery features organic produce from hotelier Andre Balazs' Hudson Valley Farm.

The Standard, East Village opened its new cafe this week; take a look around.

A former manager at the Standard Hotel has filed a $10 million discrimination lawsuit against the hotel, accusing higher-ups of wrongfully terminating her in part because she gave birth in one of the rooms.

It appears that the Standard Hotel has heard the cries of the public and put curtains on the windows in the top floor bathrooms

An investigation led to the charges being dismissed.

This is definitely a good week for Fiona Apple—not to mention her fans.