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We're going on a limb with this one, but that Seinfeld kid is pretty alright at this comedy thing.

At the end of his sold-out Beacon Theater show, Seinfeld took questions from the audience, revealing what his three favorite plotlines were from "Seinfeld." And two of them are pretty, pretty dark ones.

"I apologize in advance for this show. That's why you paid $10 in Brooklyn," C.K. told the packed Bell House crowd. "You are falling on a grenade for future, higher paying audiences."

Jerry Seinfeld is bringing his stand-up back to NYC... for the first time in 14 years.

A Woody Allen stand-up routine from the '60s was used to form the plot of "Midnight In Paris" almost 50 years later. It seems people in the '60s thought Gertrude Stein jokes were utterly hilarious.

Last night, comedian Louis CK debuted new material on Letterman, and tackled the subway in a surreal, highly satisfying manner on his show "Louie."

In which we take a little trip down memory lane with the Louis C.K. of yesteryear.