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An interracial couple in Stamford, Connecticut is being fined $100-per-day for refusing to remove racist graffiti that was spray-painted on their garage door in January.

He was stabbed, burned, and may have also been thrown from an apartment window.

The woman allegedly Snapchatted that the police had "nothing" on her.

Police say a group of men beat him with a stick and a 15-year-old stabbed him in the heart.

As part of their investigation, Stamford police released this intense video.

He reportedly told police he was fixing his pants at the time.

She may have thought President Obama was stalking her.

We've been warned that Sandy won't be the last "freak" storm to rock New York, and officials have begun to mull over a few ways to protect us from more Day After Tomorrow-esque destruction.

The woman whose three daughters and parents were killed when her Stamford home was destroyed in a Christmas Day fire says she almost tossed the ashes outside before going to bed, but decided against it.