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One former inmate said grates from fans, chair legs, and sharpened plexiglass all can be weapons.

"The A line is probably going to be the safest line in the city."

“We have been calling on the city to add more police to the system, and to do more to assist those who desperately need mental health assistance."

The mayor and police commissioner blame drunk club-goers for much of the violence.

The two incidents occurred before midnight.

The arrival of warm weather heralds the beginning of crime season, and this Memorial Day was particularly bloody.

Two men died from separate stabbings, while two people were shot.

Seven people were killed around the city last night and early this morning from an assortment of car crashes, hit-and-runs, stabbings and shootings.

There may be a motive for at least one of the

The Daily News has more information about the multiple stabbings in Times