People who say they know the 60-year-old man accused of stabbing two employees at the Museum of Modern Art became increasingly hostile online in the weeks leading up to Saturday's attack.
The museum-goer had his membership revoked, and stabbed two workers when he was denied entrance Saturday afternoon, police say.
Police are investigating the deaths of a 26-year-old woman and 6-year-old girl after finding their bodies during a wellness check Saturday night.
The violent 24-hour period came immediately after Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul unveiled a sweeping plan to improve safety on the subways.
Two people were stabbed to death and two others badly injured in a string of unprovoked attacks along the A train.
The NYPD has arrested a man suspected of fatally stabbing two homeless people on the A line and seriously wounding two others.
This is believed to be the first slaying to occur on a Zoom chat during the pandemic.
Josef Neumann had reportedly been in a coma since the Hanukkah attack.
“Rudy opened the door for you not knowing you would take his life," the victim's aunt said.
A video shows a group of people violently confronting the worker.
Blood could be seen in the middle of the street, and neighbors said they were horrified to wake up to the news of the death.
The victim was standing on the northbound platform of the West 96th B/C station when he was attacked by a group of about eight men.
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