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The 856-bed hospital will be replaced by a 70-bed facility two blocks south by 2020.

Mount Sinai will reportedly announce major changes at Beth Israel in the coming weeks.

Because what NYC needs more than anything else are more luxury condos.

Designing a good memorial is not easy, so it's nice to see someone knock it out of the park. Enter Infinite Forest, the winning design for an AIDS Memorial across from the late St. Vincent's.

A rendering of St. Vincent's new Level I trauma center (via).

Are a few people showing support for building the "Ground Zero Mosque"

Apparently all those claims made by attorney Dudley Gaffin that King

So, remember that whole "Ground Zero Mosque" hullabaloo from last summer,

The curtain wall of the hospital's new patient pavilion boasts a

After an apparent dispute over rent and birth control, North Shore-LIJ