St patricks day

Here's what streets will be closed on March 17, 2022.
"I’ve seen some of my older customers that I haven't seen in a solid year return to the bar because they got vaccinated."
The parade happened a day early this year.
Thursday and Friday bring perfect weather for those pants that zip off into shorts.
The whole celebration feels almost bizarrely small town, though you're just a few blocks from the subway.
The MTA wants a shenanigans-free commuter train on St. Patrick's Day, understand?
The big parade marched up a mile-and-a-half of Fifth Avenue and lasted for about five hours. Meanwhile: youthful celebrants got drunk in the East Village.
It's about what you'd expect today.
A bill to make St. Patrick's Day a holiday for NYC public school students has passed the New York State Senate, and now it's up to the NY State Assembly to make it so.
Wind gusts are expected to hit the 30-40 MPH range, and "pea-sized" hail may come with it.
The places where fresh and aging Hibernian transplants wet their whistles in pubs that have served their neighborhood regulars for decades.
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