And the tenants aren't having it.
He had to fight a pretty hard legal battle to get it.
Recently, two taxi drivers have managed to get rent-stabilized leases in a Chelsea hotel using the law.
Be prepared for a housing court fight!
An unidentified woman was killed yesterday when fire tore through a Borough Park home with an illegal conversion in the cellar.
But it's supposed to be the new Williamsburg!
A Brooklyn fire that killed two men was sparked by a hot plate situated too close to a bed and attempts to smother the fire with bedding only made it spread.
"SRO Dispute" (tim schreier's flickr) Generally, we think of rent stabilized
A discontent tenant fatally stabbed his building super when he came
The city has been cracking down on Single Room Occupancy [SRO]
Upper West Side residents are up in arms over the forthcoming
(MyFoxNY) Yesterday morning, firefighters responded to a suspicious fire in a
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