After less than a year in business, two-man team Bees Knees ships its products all over the world.
...and maybe that's for the best?
It seems the things that make the sauce taste great are also the things that preserve it, to a degree.
Expanding your heat horizon means falling in love with even more types of hot sauce, each with unique applications and ingestion methods.
How did it take this long?
Here's an easy recipe to help you through the World's Most Horrifying Food Shortage.
Apparently it is "a smoking hot SPF 15 lip balm that won't burn your mouth but may make you constantly hungry for fried rice or teriyaki."
Jolene Collins, who apparently loves the sauce so much that she puts it on her ice cream, produces pared-down, homemade batches of Sriracha that use a variety of locally sourced peppers and organic palm sugar.
Today the Times profiles the man behind the phenomenally popular sriracha
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