For everyone who has already thoroughly enjoyed Javier Bardem's metrosexual blonde villainy and Daniel Craig's impeccable suit-wearing abilities, there's an easy way you can keep the spy high going.
The exhibition features vintage spook technology like WWII-era code-making machines as well as some more unique intelligence inventions, like Robot Fish "Charlie," a remote-controlled robotic catfish.
Ilan Grapel was also the victim of a cruel Mets-related joke from a Congressman.
Ilan Grapel, the Queens native who has been held in Egypt since June as an accused Israeli spy, was officially released today.
A law student from Queens was arrested and detained in Egypt over the weekend over accusations that he's an Israeli spy who tried to sabotage the Egyptian revolution.
Anna Chapman posed for the Russian edition of Maxim, but the
It seems the road to fame and fortune—or at least infamy
One of the leaked photos Who doesn't miss Anna Chapman, the
In the latest Facebook musing from alleged spy Anna Chapman, she
Campaign slogan: Who is Chapman? Ah, to be beautiful, mysterious, and
The Post noticed how accused Russian spy Anna Chapman—the NYC party
Aha: The Washington Post suggests that the arrest of ten alleged
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