Springfield gardens

The impact allegedly "sent the victim flying at least 20 feet."
Police are investigating three sexual assaults that took place in Brooklyn and Queens in the span of 24 hours on Sunday.
Investigators have not named any suspects in the execution-style murder of a Queens couple in their home early Friday morning, but police sources seem skeptical about their son's account of the slaying.
Police are now investigating whether Sugrin and Rosie Jaggarnauth's 23-year-old son Shane, who survived being shot in the shoulder in the Springfield Gardens home, had anything to do with the incident.
"Everybody here knows the family. It doesn't make sense, it puzzles me, I don't know what's going on. They just came through and murdered the whole family," said a distraught family friend.
A SUV tried to pass a Charger, but only ended up sending the Charger into a fatal crash
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Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! From the looks of it, that Life After People show
Wanting to stop them before they turn "deadly," elected officials are
Via WCBS The Queens District Attorney's office announced that Jimmy Humphrey,
Ayden Hayes (via NY Times) The Fire Department is investigating a
Neighbors say that a pregnant woman and her 2-year-old son were
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