The theme for this year's pandemic-era show is Hearsay:Heresy, or "Neo-Medieval."
The curator-driven fair fills two floors of the one-time Ralph Lauren headquarters.
One highlight is a monumental sculpture called "Tipping Point," depicting a torso riddled with arrows, in the back of which is working refrigerator filled with marzipan versions of the same.
This year the curator-driven fair has taken over two whole floors of the old Condé Nast Building in Times Square.
The curator-driven, installation-heavy art fair once again takes over the abandoned offices above the Farley Post Office near Penn Station.
If you're looking for something with a bit more of a homegrown feel to it, where people don't take themselves so seriously, check out these 'anti-art-fair art fairs.'
The theme for Spring/Break 2014 is PUBLICPRIVATE and, as you can imagine, you will likely be engaged, annoyed, amused, disgusted, inspired, indifferent, depending on the room.
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