For those who can’t leave the city limits for optimal viewing, the Amateur Astronomers Association will host a stargazing event on the night of peak at Lincoln Center.
A nationwide analysis shows that increasing temperatures and rising carbon dioxide levels will intensify and extend the pollen season in the Northeast.
The vernal equinox marks the start of spring and warmer, longer days to come.
The first weekend of spring brought dancing, music, and a big ol' party to Bethesda Fountain and other parks around the city.
Last week's chilly temps have been replaced by unusually toasty conditions and even some sun this week.
Brace yourself for life inside the pollen cloud.
It's also the full moon tonight. Cosmic!
Thursday and Friday bring perfect weather for those pants that zip off into shorts.
Tuesday may feel as warm as 62 degrees? In February? Everything is fine!
After an extended period of cold weather this month, the last week of March will be decidedly more spring-like, as temperatures return to normal and we get more than a few rainy days.
"Did you miss me?"
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