He's accusing her of extortion.
What does Eliot Spitzer fantasize about though? (tozzer's flickr). Things Eliot
Page Six speaks to an insider who has a devious and
Former Governor Eliot Spitzer took his continuing public image rehabilitation image
Former Governor Eliot Spitzer was his usual opinionated self during an appearance
Terry Richardson's Spitzer portrait for Interview Director Alex Gibney's untitled, work-in-progress
One of the most anticipated events at this year's Tribeca Film Festival
Following a week filled with nonshells and lazyshells (but no bombshells),
Governor Paterson is savoring his sense of vindication after the Times
Penis puns work overtime in the Post's leading Page Six item:
The Post (of course) has fun with former governor Eliot Spitzer's
A year ago today, the NY Times published a story on its
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