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Residents around Prospect-Lefferts Gardens near Prospect Park have found themselves being baptized in the foul saliva of a mysterious spitter.

The brave woman in the video below stands up to the jerk who was harassing her on an A train.

Things got heated at a "Women For Mitt" event when two elderly women got into each other's faces after one asked about the Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood—culminating in one allegedly spitting at the other.

If it's us though, we'll take some second-hand smoke over a flying toenail any day.

Early Sunday morning the MTA police arrested two LIRR passengers after one was allegedly smoking on the train and the other punched a conductor who tried to make the smoking stop.

Police have arrested and charged a 19-year-old who attacked another man on the L train in a brutal beatdown caught on video.

“I feel we’re in a generation that laughs at people getting beat up. That isn’t entertainment. They should have at least called the cops,” said the victim beaten by three men on the L Train.

The NYPD is looking for three men seen in a video beating up a man who scolded them for spitting on the L train.

Spitting can get you a fine and jail time in New York City... though it probably won't.

There are criminals, and then there are people who spit feces