Spirit airlines

'No one was hurt in this incident, including the bat.'
The woman appeared to be 'intoxicated and upset,' which, yeah, sure seems like it.
Tips from a lifelong Spiriter on taming that bright yellow titanium bird in the sky.
A Spirit Airlines flight out of LaGuardia was diverted on Thursday on account of a potentially hazardous 'dirty socks' smell.
The man who sparked a partial evacuation of LaGuardia Airport on Saturday after allegedly claiming to have a bomb in his bag is now saying that he was just making a "joke."
What do you think happens when Spirit Airlines suddenly cancels nine flights at Fort Lauderdale Airport?
This is as bad as refusing to turn off his cellphone!
Some people are so inconsiderate!
Budget carrier Spirit Airlines has started charging customers $5 for the privilege of printing their boarding passes at the airport.
One non-political side effect from Weinergate: the influx of Weiner-fueled marketing gimmicks, like Spirit Airline's "Too HARD To Resist Weiner Sale." Get it?!
Via Spirit Airlines has never been known for its service; a
Bad news if you're flying Spirit Airlines today; the company's reservation
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