The new movie is one part epilogue to the cataclysmic events of 'Avengers: Endgame,' one part goofy high school vacation flick, and one part evidence that Jake Gyllenhaal makes everything he's in better.
When the film sticks to a more grounded, smaller scale look at Peter Parker's adolescence, it is a gem of a comic book movie (and a great coming-of-age story).
Watch as Peter Parker 3.0 learns some hard lessons about responsibility and power.
Because the Andrew Garfield reboot wasn't nightmare enough.
"Let's be clear what the real problem is," the Joker declared at a Gotham City Council hearing today. "The real problem is about looking different."
One theatergoer said, "I heard screaming. I heard him crying and couldn’t do anything."
We have some exclusive, never-before-seen, action-packed, high-def, digital photographs on the DUMBO set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man will completely take over DUMBO this weekend.
The Amazing Spider-Man delivered an amazing destructo-porn scene in Chelsea today.
Someone edited all of the Spider-Man trailers together and now you can see 25 minutes of the movie.
Last week Spider-Man: The Neverending Story Turn Off the Dark refrained
Jacob Cohl The $65 million dollar Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off
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