Don't you feel safe in Cuomo's arms?
On the same day that Mayor de Blasio urged Amazon to remove the ads, the company has decided to pull them.
"I chose to sit on the Nazi insignia because I really didn't want to stare at it."
In the back of a John P. Marquand novel, Hemingway's hand-written Nobel Prize speech was found, except in this draft, he was more brutally Hemingway about it.
"One advantage of being my age is that, you know, what can they do to ya? You just have fun and do what you think and then you can say what you think, you don't have to edit yourself."
Eastwood on his invisible chair speech: "There was a stool there, and some fella kept asking me if I wanted to sit down. When I saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea."
Ahmadinejad gave his usual dumb speech filled with anti-Semitic conspiratorial BS, and delegates from the U.S., France, Germany, the United Kingdom and nearly a dozen other countries all walked out in disgust.
Mayor Bloomberg speaks at National Action Network’s MLK Day event (NYC
Mayor Bloomberg and his new toy (NYC Mayor's Office) Yesterday, Mayor
President Obama addressed the graduates at West Point Academy on Saturday, saying,
Bloggers and techies are booing Obama's commencement speech at Hampton University,
In his commencement speech to students at Hampton University, President Obama
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