The old Board of Estimate first decided back in 1965 to slice up the city into cable-TV franchise fiefdoms, a setup that has survived largely intact.
The five boroughs are rich with history, passion and stories of people who have experienced so much in the place they call home. "Street Level" from NY1 invites you to get to know our city through the tales of those who've lived it.
"Men and younger women... are getting the top anchor positions and time slots while older women are pushed aside and marginalized."
'Thirty years from now, when we say New York used to be better, we’re going to be remembering this.'
Charter Communications (a.k.a. Spectrum) will be forced to pay a whopping $174.2 million for lying about the quality and consistency of its often terrible internet service.
Gothamist gets result(s)!
Governor Cuomo insulted NY1 as its parent company is being pushed out of the state, but this apparently wasn't newsworthy.
The decision could affect more than 2.5 million subscribers across the state.
'They don't have the obligation to provide the final 100 yards of infrastructure. And they can charge through the nose depending on the physical situation of the building.'
What sort of monster would hurt Brooklyn's beautiful, vitally-important Internet?
According to the AG, the new cable company sucks as much as the old cable company.
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